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> According to Cy Schubert on Thu, Apr 02, 2015 at 06:26:42PM -0700:
> > Ntp_parser.y is not redundant. It is referenced by ntp_parser.c. I put that
> > fix in two days ago.
> No, it is the source of ntp_parser.c/h through yacc (or bison) as jkim said.
> In theory, you have only the .y and during build you generate the .c/.h.  In 
> practice, you always use the ntp_parser.c/.h that come pre-built and build wi
> th that.  As jkim shows, the generated file can be quite different.

The fix has just been committed.

4.2.8p2 should be released shortly to resolve the other issues. I've added 
an ntp-rc port to track the release candidates.

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