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> Hello;
> I was going to add this to the UPDATING file but this file is not
> meant for changes affecting ports so here it goes instead:
> 20150415:
>          Our libc headers are starting to use gcc-style attributes to
> hint the compiler about probable optimizations or errors.
> Unfortunately gcc from ports does some bogus "fixing" of our system
> headers and carries them internally so you may have to update your
> gcc ports so that they grab the complete system headers and
> particularly the cdefs.h file changes from r280801.
> This basically affects only -current users that haven't rebuilt their
> gcc ports in a week.
> Sorry for the inconvenience,
> Pedro.
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FWIW, I think we should just disable fixincludes step in our GCC ports
with extreme prejudice. I am yet to see the case where copying our
headers and stashing them away in random location is actually

Alexander Kabaev

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