As dirty hack, try to save two state of MBR, one when FreeBSD selected
(MBR.FBSD) , and one when Win95 selected (MBR.W95).
When the windows booted up properly, then write the MBR.FBSD to the
disc, on the same schema do the reverse on freebsd with dd.

Or just do what Adrian has said, flip the active bits with a custom tool.

On Wed, Apr 8, 2015 at 9:30 PM, Ryan Stone <> wrote:
> No, this isn't a late April Fools joke. :(
> I find myself in a situation where I need to integrate my employer's
> manufacturing process with a third-party OEM's process.  My employer's
> hardware tests are all FreeBSD-based while the OEM is Windows 95 based.  I
> need to come up with a way to integrate them together.
> We're looking at dual-booting FreeBSD and Win95.  We're thinking of booting
> into Win95, the OEM can do their thing, switch to booting FreeBSD, run our
> tests and produce a .csv file with the results, and then boot back into
> Win95 for them to finish up.  Ideally we would like to switch the boot
> slice without human interaction.
> I've been playing around with trying to set one only slice as active to
> make the loader boot it, but it appears that doesn't actually work.
> boot0cfg would cover half of the use case (switching from FreeBSD back to
> Win95), but I'm not sure how I could do the original switch from Win95 to
> FreeBSD.
> We've discussed just switching hard drives, but we really want to shoot for
> a 100% automated process.  Anybody have any ideas?
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