On Wednesday 08 April 2015 22:38:33 Jakob Alvermark wrote:
> Hi,
> Tested on my Acer E3-112 with a TouchPad.
> It works, thank you!
> I have been missing two-finger scrolling, it was quite awkward using edge
> scrolling IMHO.
> It does feel like it sometimes gets stuck in scrolling mode. When trying
> to move the pointer just after having scrolled, it scrolls even using just
> one finger.

I've seen this problem too and I think it's related to my patch.  I'll see 
what I can do to fix it.

> Three-finger tapping also works. (Generating a button 3 event)

That should've worked before.

> "Clicking" on the pad (pushing it down until it "clicks" sends button
> events for both button 1 and 2. (Which is seems to sometimes be
> interpreted as button 3...)

Was it only sending one button before?

> The biggest improvement though; before it would get totally crazy at
> random intervals with the pointer moving all over the screen and clicking
> at random points. Quite annoying... This patch seems to have eliminated
> that!

Hmm, not sure how this patch would've fixed that.  I'd suggest testing a bit 
more just to be sure...

> Also, does it support horizontal scrolling?

Yes, but Xorg needs to be patched.

Rui Paulo
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