>> Dmesg would not give you any useful information there. A DMAR table
>> is either present, or is it not. In the later case, OS cannot use the
>> hardware, and if no option in BIOS is present, your only choice is to
>> complain to the machine/BIOS vendor.
> Check also if there's any BIOS update from the manufacturer.
> Roger.

    Thank you all.

    The box has already the last vendor's BIOS version.

   I've checked the bios of another DELL machine (a laptop) having vt-d
on the micro, and the BIOS on that machine has an option to enable or
disable VT-d, while the bios of the DEL 3020 misses that option. So as
Konstantin said, the bios is not advertising the VT-d capability bundled
in the chip, so I guess I can't move until the vendor decides to
implement that in its bios firmware.

   Best all and thank you,



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