On 16.04.2015 06:16, Ranjan1018 . wrote:
Upgrade from r280855 to r281560 (amd64) on a Samsung Ativ Book 2 Laptop.
The Synaptics Touchpad stops working,  in Xorg.0.log  I have the error
message :

[  1047.413] (EE) synaptics: Mouse: Unable to query/initialize Synaptics

[  1047.449] (EE) PreInit returned 11 for "Mouse"

Could you try to rebuild xf86-input-synaptics via ports? The kernel ABI has changed due to the additions to synapticshw_t in /usr/include/sys/mouse.h. The xorg driver calls the MOUSE_SYN_GETHWINFO ioctl which returns a synapticshw_t.
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