David O'Brien wrote:
> On Sun, May 07, 2000 at 11:36:45PM -0700, Doug Barton wrote:
> > /usr/include/sys/wormio.h:102: warning: `CDRIOCBLANK' redefined
> > /usr/include/sys/cdrio.h:59: warning: this is the location of the
> In the old days
>     cd /usr/src ; make -DCLOBBER includes
> would do what needs to be done.  (the CLOBBER ability should not have
> been ripped out).  wormio.h is no longer an active file, so you need to
> manually delete it from /usr/include.

It should have been deleted by the appropriate makefile before the new
headers are installed. Obsoleting header files can create as much
backward compatibility problems as obsoleting functions or options can.
It should have been dealt with accordingly...

Marcel Moolenaar
  tel:  (408) 447-4222

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