Some of you might recall that right before 10.0-Release there was
a painful attempt to remove GNU RCS from the base system.

From my point of view, the lessons learned from that were:

-A lot more people than you might think find it useful to have
a small version control system for thing like the files in /etc.
-Just removing features without a discussion is not wise.
-IMHO, people wondering about the bloat in the OS should
focus on other bigger VCS we carry, namely svn.

For all I know, it looks like OpenRCS is the most viable option and can
completely replace the old RCS we have in base.

In order to avoid painful surprises late in the release cycle, I started
the process to consider OpenRCS by bringing it to the vendor area
(OpenBSD/usr.bin/rcs/*). I also have an initial patch[1] so that it builds
on FreeBSD.

Unfortunately I don't use RCS enough (it looks like I should though) so
I am not in a good position to take the next step and deal with any
fallout it may produce.

All in all, it looks like whatever is done about RCS it may be controversial
so I am opening the discussion in the hope that someone else will
take the lead and do something about it much ahead of 11-Release.



[1] Follow the link in:
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