Hi to all!

Sorry for my bad English... This message is translated with help of the 
translator's online.

You could comment on a situation with my nettop Intel NUC DN2820FYKH (CPU 
Celeron N2830)?

This NUC was delivered with pre-installed BIOS 0032. With this version BIOS I 
am could install FreeBSD 10 and 11-CURRENT. In next version of BIOS 0034 and 
later installing was a problems. Message of other user, NUC DN2820 can't 
recognize FreeBSD bootsect.


My situation: ---

FreeBSD-10.1-STABLE-usb-stick.img (May 5 2015) after #dd: ls /dev/da*

/dev/da0 /dev/da0a # Probable this is MBR structure?

FreeBSD-11-CURRENT-usb-stick.img (May 5 2015) after #dd: ls /dev/da*

/dev/da0 /dev/da0p1 /dev/da0p2 /dev/da0p3 /dev/da0p4 # Probable this is GPT 


And probable the Bug of Intel BIOS for NUC 2820 (N2830):

0032 BIOS can start MBR FreeBSD-10.1-usb-stick installer, bsdinstall by default 
offers GPT structure for HDD. 0032 successfully run FreeBSD from GPT HDD. Also 
0032 can start GPT FreeBSD-11-CURRENT-usb-stick installer, bsdinstall by 
default offers MBR structure for HDD? (or use last MBR-HDD setting). After 
install 0032 successfully start FreeBSD-11-CURRENT from HDD.

But with modern BIOS (for example 0050 - latest at this time): 0050 BIOS can 
start MBR FreeBSD-10.1-usb-stick installer, bsdinstaller by default offers GPT 
HDD structure. If install 10.1 with default settings and start 10.1 from HDD -> 
Error. If GPT HDD manually changed to MBR HDD, then 10.1 successfully starts 
from HDD.

But 11-CURRENT-usb-stick has GPT structure and BIOS 0050 can't run it from USB. 

Workaround: Reflash 0032 -> Install FreeBSD-11-CURRENT -> OK -> Reflash 0050 -> 
11-CURRENT starts OK from MBR HDD.

Question: if this situation doesn't be fixed by Intel, how NUC 2820(2830) new 
versions of BIOS users can start FreeBSD-11 without BIOS reflashing, if 
FreeBSD-11-stick.img will be only at GPT structure?


best regards,
Dmitry Postolov

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