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Since you apprently missed my original reply, I said that we shouldn't
abuse BUFSIZ for this work, and that it should be changed in mdXhl.c...
Say what ?

BUFSIZ is used entirely appropriately in MDXFileChunk():  For reading
a file into an algorithm.
In fact, posix-2008 references LINE_MAX because:
MDXFileChunk() does not read lines, it reads an entire file.
Being pedantic, technically it’s a portion of a file, which can be the whole thing, 
and it reads it in “sizeof(buffer)” chunks (of which buffer is “hardcoded" to 
BUFSIZ right now).
Shouldn't most of these be using st.st_blksize ?

I recall being part of the move to get rid of PAGE_SIZE, perhaps many places should be rid of BUFSIZE as well and BUFSIZE should be something we query the system for.

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