On 05/15/15 22:07, David Wolfskill wrote:
On Fri, May 15, 2015 at 02:59:10PM -0400, John Baldwin wrote:
Hummm, the only recent change is 281544, but that should be in your working

Yes; that dates from 14 April, and I had been doing daily build/boots of
head/i386 through thta period without incident.  Absent something
compelling, I'm pretty sure that experience alone removes 281544 from
plausibly being implicated.

It does mess with the layout of pins though so maybe try reverting it

It might also be worth trying to revert just the one commit you identified
earlier.  It just seems odd for 'as[cnt]' to fault here but not earlier.

OK; I tried reverting 282650, but the result wouldn't build because the
AFMT_CHANNEL_MAX token wasn't defined.

Turns out it had been used by 282651, so I reverted that (and found that
it would have been cleaner had I reverted them in reverse sequence, but
"svn patch" seemed to merely whine a bit, but cope anyway).

After reverting both 282650 & 282651, the resulting kernel built.


I'm seeing two of my commits mentioned here, r282650 & r282651. Are these what is causing the problem? You are sure the built the kernel and all modules from clean, hence some structures are changed, panic would be expected if you don't.


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