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> Hi,
> when I have the ixl driver compiled into my -CURRENT kernel (or loaded as
> a module via loader.conf), the boot seems to hang (or silently crash) when
> BOOTP starts bringing up interfaces to send out probes. (I'm not netbooting
> over an ixl, the boot interface is an igb.)
> What works is building the kernel without the ixl driver and then loading
> it manually once the system is up. That way, BOOTP via igb succeeds.
> Any ideas what could be causing this?
> Lars

This is very strange.  I have successfully netbooted -CURRENT in a very
similar environment (ixl compiled into kernel and booting over igb).  I
can't remember when the last time I did this but it was probably within the
last couple of weeks.  I routinely netboot an 8.2 derivative in this kind
of environment and I've never seen this kind of problem.

Could it be related to the size of the kernel, and not ixl specifically?
Also, do you have any indication as to where the hang happens?  Is it still
in the BIOS, or in pxeloader, or in the kernel itself?  Are you booting in
legacy mode or EFI?
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