On 05/19/2015 14:42, Luigi Rizzo wrote:
> While trying to compile some of my (kernel) code in different environments,
> i noticed a couple of errors that perhaps might be worth fixing
> - extra semicolons. These come either from explicit repetitions in the code
>   (see the output of a grep at the end of this message),
>   or sometimes from the epansion of macros such as BITSET_DEFINE()
> - conversion between function and data pointers. One is in mbuf.h
>   m->m_ext.ext_free = m->m_ext.ext_arg1 = m->m_ext.ext_arg2 = NULL;
> Shuold we care/bother to fix these as we step through them ?

I would say yes, since that would reduce the noise in the compiler warning 
output.  I realize the warning could be disabled, but cleaning up the ~50 
occurrences [of ;;] seems like the better way.

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