On 06/11/15 06:23, hiren panchasara wrote:
On 06/10/15 at 10:07P, Ian Lepore wrote:
On Wed, 2015-06-10 at 20:44 -0700, hiren panchasara wrote:
On 06/10/15 at 04:13P, Rick Macklem wrote:

I just MFC'd a patch from head to stable/10 that defines some
tunables using CTLFLAG_RDTUN. Although the MFC didn't break
anything, the tunables don't get changed by the values in /boot/loader.conf.

By applying a patch like this:
  int   nfsrv_statehashsize = NFSSTATEHASHSIZE;
+TUNABLE_INT("vfs.nfsd.statehashsize", &nfsrv_statehashsize);
  SYSCTL_INT(_vfs_nfsd, OID_AUTO, statehashsize, CTLFLAG_RDTUN,
      &nfsrv_statehashsize, 0,
      "Size of state hash table set via loader.conf");

they get set ok.

So, is this correct or have I done something stupid?

I believe that is correct. hans changed how they are declared with r267961
and now you do not need TUNABLE_INT() on -head.

And, if it correct, do I commit a patch like the above directly
to stable/10. (It seems that TUNABLE_INT() is discouraged for -head.)

That's the correct way, afaik.


Is there a reason the sysctl tunable flag changes can't be MFC'd?
Leaving changes that widespread un-mfc'd just makes for lots of merge
conflicts as time goes on (and can also lead to merged code behaving
differently than expected).

Added Hans to answer the question.


I wasn't sure if MFC'ing would break anything with regard to binary compatibility, so the change was kept in -head and only the broken SYSCTLs were fixed in 10- and 9- .


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