Garrett Cooper <> wrote:
> >> There is yet another issue with the build system, I have
> >>    INSTALL+=-CS
> >> in make.conf for around 15 years.  Apparently it is broken now.
> > 
> > Ah! make.conf is getting included earlier.
> > So that {local,src} can be included earlier so that any of them
> > can provide pointer to external toolchain before sets CC etc.

> This is going to break a whole lot of stuff — especially because I’ve
> discovered people either try and be overly clever with make, or like
> .include’ing things more than once >:(.

I hope not, since the earlier inclusion is potentially very valuable.
Konstantin, sorry for the pain, putting

INSTALL?= install

in your make.conf should restore your expected behavior - without losing
the ability to select toolchains etc.
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