> Sorry to bother y'll, but;
> Has anyone ever used that?  I see no trace of any kernel
> code calling it, and the at_shutdown code appears to be
> gone.

It's still used in the shutdown code; it was meant to be available for 
general use elsewhere, but I haven't seen anyone playing with it, so 
maybe the design tradeoffs were bad choices.

> BTW, for all it is worth, any caching controller not using
> this is guaranteed to lose data.

Wrong layer.  You should be using the bus shutdown method; look at eg. 
the Mylex driver to see how this is done.  You should probably call your 
flush routine from the suspend method as well. 

(Note that the Mylex stuff doesn't correctly handle suspend/resume since 
 we don't have a decent ACPI implementation yet)

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