On 30/06/2015 17:32, Simon J. Gerraty wrote:
> Jeffrey Bouquet <jbt...@iherebuywisely.com> wrote:
>> If I've a spare /mnt/usr/src , it seems buildworld quite soon fails,
>> where it otherwise may succeed in /usr/src. Any CLI parameters or> the
>> build system is hardcoded enough so that there will always be
>> problems?
> The only thing hard coded is the default MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX (it isn't
> called that but it works the same way), but even that should work for any
> location. I always have MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX when doing buildworld etc,
> and have never used /usr/src.
> Is there perhaps something interesting about /mnt/usr/src (like
> ancient?)

On some of the systems where I use different versions, I have
mounted of the NFS-server. in which I have.

Then also have /usr/objs mounted, with the same setup

And on the remote systems link /usr/src -> /usr/srcs/src??/src and same
for obj....

I have yet to run into trouble when I do the normal things. It gets
messy if I'd like to build both i386 and amd64 in the same obj-tree.
That does not always work, but adding a differentiating i386 and amd64
to the hierarchy seemed to fix it. But I retired all but one i386, and
that is soon to follow.


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