As documented in the release notes and UPDATING, the following changes 
accompanies the merge of sendmail 8.15.2 to HEAD:

        sendmail has been updated to 8.15.2.  Starting with FreeBSD 11.0
        and sendmail 8.15, sendmail uses uncompressed IPv6 addresses by
        default, i.e., they will not contain "::".  For example, instead
        of ::1, it will be 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1.  This permits a zero subnet
        to have a more specific match, such as different map entries for
        IPv6:0:0 vs IPv6:0.  This change requires that configuration
        data (including maps, files, classes, custom ruleset, etc.) must
        use the same format, so make certain such configuration data is
        upgrading.  As a very simple check search for patterns like
        'IPv6:[0-9a-fA-F:]*::' and 'IPv6::'.  To return to the old
        behavior, set the m4 option confUSE_COMPRESSED_IPV6_ADDRESSES or
        the cf option UseCompressedIPv6Addresses.

Note that when sendmail 8.15.2 is MFC'ed to stable/{10,9,8}, for the sake of 
POLA, the default will be to continue using compressed IPv6 addresses as it has 
always done.  This default change will only affect FreeBSD 11 and later (and 
can be changed in your configuration file as described above).

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