On 9 Jul 2015, at 10:17, NGie Cooper <yaneurab...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I agree that this is less applicable for FreeBSD than NetBSD. Please
> keep in mind that contrib/netbsd-tests came from NetBSD, not FreeBSD.
> Peter Holm and I tried our best to vet out the issues with the test
> suite before integrating it in, but there might be issues due to
> implementation discrepancies between FreeBSD and NetBSD.

The high-level question is whether these are conformance tests (in which case 
they should be checking for specified behaviour) or regression tests (in which 
case they should be checking for known implementation details, but should 
explicitly document what those are).

When the gettimeofday implementation changed, it would have been nice to get 
two results:

- No conformance tests failed, change is still a valid implementation of POSIX 

- One regression test failed.  This test is assuming that gettimeofday() is a 
system call and so should be marked as an expected failure.

Unfortunately, the test suite currently conflates the two.


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