On 12.07.2015 09:02, Allan Jude wrote:
> I forgot to include the link to the patch as well:
> http://www.allanjude.com/bsd/lenovofix_gpart.patch
> I will most likely make this patch optional, behind a flag to the 'gpart
> create -s gpt' command, to avoid potentially breaking existing working
> systems, but if using offset 1 works on all other hardware, having it as
> the default would be nice.
> Another option would be to make a separate standalone program to modify
> the pMBR for Lenovo machines, rather than modifying gpart.


I think Lenovo's BIOS just think that your partition layout is MBR and
uses legacy boot.

if (MBR_partition[0].type == 0xee && gpt_is_ok()) {
} else {

WBR, Andrey V. Elsukov

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