On 2015-07-12 09:24, Tomoaki AOKI wrote:

As far as I could confirm currently,

   *My ThinkPad didn't boot from decompressed .xz image written in

   *The partition tables (both PMBR and GPT) looks fine.
    (As expected. Verified with `gpart show` and `fdisk -p -v da0`)

   *Overwriting bootcode (gptzfsboot) in GPT partition 1 didn't help.

Not yet confirmed, but possible cause would be

   *Bootcode in PMBR is missing or corrupt.
     (I noticed I hadn't tested overwriting it.)

   */boot in ZFS partition or anything related is not proper.

Sorry, I cannot reboot my ThinkPad right now.
Allan, can you confirm above?

You are correct, the PMBR bootcode was missing, my mistake.

I have uploaded new images (and set the old ones to redirect to the new ones)

compressed (193 MiB):

uncompressed (1 GiB):

Allan Jude
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