On Mon, 13 Jul 2015, Kevin Oberman wrote:

This is possibly orthogonal and possibly not of use on X2nn systems, but I boot 
my T520 with a GPT formatted disk as the secondary drive by having the MBR 
disk0 configured with booteasy
and telling it to boot disk1. While this is of no use on single spindle systems 
like the X220, I have been told that a MBR USB drive can be used to do the same 
thing. I have not tried
this and can't confirm, though. Clearly a kludge work-around, but better than 
nothing and works well for me as I have always left Windows on the main drive 
and put FreeBSD on the
removable one.

Please, whoever has one of these systems, find a contact address for Lenovo. It should be on every one of these messages, and we should be encouraging every affected user to contact Lenovo support. I can post it in the forums, also.
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