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285664 by markj:
Pass the lock object to lockstat_nsecs() and return immediately if
LO_NOPROFILE is set. Some timecounter handlers acquire a spin mutex, and
we don't want to recurse if lockstat probes are enabled.

PR:             201642
Reviewed by:    avg
MFC after:      3 days

285663 by markj:
Modify lockstat_nsecs() to just return unless lockstat probes are actually
enabled. The cost of a timecounter read can be quite significant, and the
problem became more apparent after r284297, since that change resulted in
a call to lockstat_nsecs() for each acquisition of an rwlock read lock.

PR:             201642
Reviewed by:    avg
Tested by:      Jason Unovitch
MFC after:      3 days
Differential Revision:

285662 by benno:
Merge driver for PMC Sierra's range of SAS/SATA HBAs.

Submitted by:   Achim Leubner <>
Reviewed by:    scottl

285661 by ed:
Undo r285656.

It turns out that the CDDL sources already introduce a function called
thread_create(). I'll investigate what we can do to make these functions

Reported by: Ivan Klymenko

285658 by bapt:
make ctdladm(8) return 0 is everything was ok.

retval is used to test the return of XML_Parse function which is ok if 1 is
returned and retval it directly returned to the main function and used as an
exit value.

if all the parsing part is done reset retval to 0 so that the command return 0
if everything ok

Differential Revision:
Reviewed by:    trasz
MFC after:      3 days
Sponsored by:

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