On Sun, Jul 19, 2015 at 10:24:11AM -0600, Ian Lepore wrote:
> ...
> Was there anything (at all) in /var/log/messages about ntpd?  Even the
> routine messages (such as what interfaces it binds to) might give a bit
> of a clue about how far it got in its init before it died. 
> ....

Sorry; there might have been something yesterday, but what with the
(verbose) reboots after builds, I, rolled over all of my
/var/log/messages* files; the earliest recrd I still have is from Jul
19 06:00:00 (UTC-0700), and I did not get a recurrence today.

(The one from yesterday wasn't the first I had seen -- I wanted to wait
until I had some hope that the issue was reproducible before whining
about it. :-})

If I do get another recurrence, I'll try to gather a bit more


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