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285914 by marius:
- Move the remainder of host controller capability registers reading from
  xhci_start_controller() to xhci_init(). These values don't change at run-
  time so there's no point of acquiring them on every USB_HW_POWER_RESUME
  instead of only once during initialization. In r276717, reading the first
  couple of registers in question already had been moved as a prerequisite
  for the changes in that revision.
- Identify ASMedia ASM1042A controllers.
- Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers.

MFC after:      3 days

285913 by marius:
- Fix compilation after r285909 with USB_DEBUG defined.
- Regenerate usb.conf.

285912 by marius:
- Use __FBSDID().
- Const'ify cons_to_vga_colors.
- Fix line wrapping.

MFC after:      3 days

285911 by marius:
- Nuke dupe $FreeBSD$.
- Fix whitespace.

MFC after:      3 days

285910 by ed:
Make shutdown() return ENOTCONN as required by POSIX, part deux.

Back in 2005, maxim@ attempted to fix shutdown() to return ENOTCONN in case the 
socket was not connected (r150152). This had to be rolled back (r150155), as it 
broke some of the existing programs that depend on this behavior. I reapplied 
this change on my system and indeed, syslogd failed to start up. I fixed this 
back in February (279016) and MFC'ed it to the supported stable branches. Apart 
from that, things seem to work out all right.

Since at least Linux and Mac OS X do the right thing, I'd like to go ahead and 
give this another try. To keep old copies of syslogd working, only start 
returning ENOTCONN for recent binaries.

I took a look at the XNU sources and they seem to test against both 
SS_ISCONNECTED. That seams reasonable, so let's do the same.

Test Plan:
This issue was uncovered while writing tests for shutdown() in CloudABI:

Reviewers: glebius, rwatson, #manpages, gnn, #network

Reviewed By: gnn, #network

Subscribers: bms, mjg, imp

Differential Revision:

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