El día Tuesday, July 28, 2015 a las 09:20:38AM +0100, David Chisnall escribió:

> It sounds as if the swap was working (as the build took a long time, it 
> didn’t run out of memory).  My guess would be that, before the reboot, 
> something had wired (or, if not, then touched frequently enough to keep it in 
> core) a large chunk of memory, which forced the swapping.  Swap files are 
> expected to be slower than swap partitions (though if you’re swapping to a 
> disk, the seek times are likely to dominate in both cases).
> I don’t suppose there’s  capture of the output of top from before the reboot?

No, I did not saved it.

When I started the buildworld, I started in parallel already a poudriere
jail to build around 1600 ports. Later, when I realized that the
buildworld took so long, I stopped (killed) the poudriere jail.

IIRC the "swapctl -l" showed before the boot that the swap files have been

I could re-create the situation on next buildworld.

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