On 29/07/2015 05:48, Jamie Landeg-Jones wrote:
> Gary Palmer <gpal...@freebsd.org> wrote:
>> As best that I can recall, the permissions of the directory underneath
>> the mount point has been causing problems like this for as long as I've been
>> using FreeBSD, which is over 20 years at this point.  It's certainly
>> bit me in the distant past.
> I concur. I always make mount point directories 0111,noschg,nodump - it makes
> them stand out when not mounted, and also stops accidental directory deletion
> potentially stopping a reboot from working.
> But yeah, for 20+ years. I've also experienced problems if a mount-point
> directory doesn't have +x access.

A long time ago -- before the millenium -- NeXT machines did away with
the need for a mount-point directory to exist.  So, if you wanted to
mount /foo/bar, only the /foo directory needed to exist prior to the
mount.  Since NeXT was subsumed by Apple, and NeXTStep reborn as MacOSX,
the same is presumably true today all Macs.  (Although I haven't tested
this personally.)

I do wonder why the rest of the world didn't do likewise.  It would make
this sort of problem a non-event.



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