> On Jul 27, 2015, at 7:32 AM, Willem Jan Withagen <w...@digiware.nl> wrote:
> You have any idea what is/was actual the hardware that was in the box?
> If I remember correctly we gave Jordan a check for like 5000 guilders.
> Which I guess would be 2500 us$ at that time. Which was not an enormous
> amount of money, so even more impressive that the system lasted 18 years :)

And thank you again for that donation!   We should have another conference at 
that place - I remember it was unusual to have a conference at a location that 
also supplied tools for hacking our Librettos. :)

I believe those original funds purchased a Pentium Pro system of fairly 
reasonable configuration.  As Julian says, however, the individual parts were 
replaced over the years, including the motherboard, and the freefall of today 
likely bore little resemblance to the one we purchased at the local PC shop in 
Walnut Creek, California!

- Jordan

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