> On Tue, May 09, 2000 at 02:56:58PM +0400, Igor Timkin wrote:
> > The same problem. Local is openssh (current), remote is ssh-1.2.22 (2.2.6),
> > slip ~24kbps connection. Remote log:
> > May  9 09:59:17 crocus sshd[21285]: fatal: Local: Corrupted check bytes on input.
> This thing is even worse - I notice the same problem occurse in
> CURRENT->CURRENT ssh connection, both with NewReno!
> It means that NewReno implementation have some internal errors when two 
> identical -currents can't speak each other properly sometimes (when modem have 
> long 30secs retrain).

This has been happening to me in environments with high packet loss, 
and before the NewReno changes went in.  It was only happening in a 
rather dubious environment were there was high packet loss 
(compressed PPP over uncompressed PPP over a saturated ISDN dialup 
that drops up to one in every three packets).

There were other bugs involved too - see recent updates to nat_cmd.c, 
so I never really took the whole thing too seriously (apart from 
suggesting to root@freefall that they shouldn't worry).

I'm still seeing these errors:

  ipfw: -1 Refuse UDP in via tun1 Fragment = 185

But haven't looked into them too deeply for the same reasons.

All I'm saying is that I wouldn't suspect that the problem is 
entirely NewReno but rather that the NewReno stuff may be irritating 
some other problem(s).

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