>     I need to make couple of non-functional but rather large changes
> to the if_ndis driver and will appreciate if anyone signs up to
> test my changes. Please contact me if you can provide help.

> Totus tuus, Glebius.

I have two possible candidates for testing:

Hiro H50191 USB wi-fi adapter, but this seems to work as rsu in FreeBSD-current 
but not 10-STABLE.

Atheros AR9271 on-motherboard quasi-USB wi-fi, sometimes works in 
NetBSD-current but most of the time fails to load firmware.

I have .inf and .sys files for Hiro but not for Atheros AR9271 ("install" under 
wine and get .inf and .sys that way?).

Are these suitable for testing ndis?

My Realtek re(4) Ethernet now works with recent updates in current, I think 
also 10-STABLE but have to check that again.

I only sporadically do anything with FreeBSD 10-STABLE, nothing with FreeBSD < 


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