Bryan Drewery <> wrote:
> I think the problem here is the use of -m for SUB_MAKE in /Makefile.
> Specifying -m share/mk causes all of the issues I've seen (expected
> including of /etc/src.conf), while not using -m does not include
> /etc/src.conf even though the build is being done in a src dir.

Sorry, the behavior here will vary depending on when /usr/bin/make was built.

IIRC when I first put bmake in I made it use .../share/mk by default
(during the original discussion at BSDCan about 4 years ago
ensuring that "correct" src/share/mk used by default was stated as a
goal - without need for env settings).

Of course .../share/mk breaks POLA for those who expect /usr/share/mk to
always be used, so that was backed out, but was more recently put back
in ;-)

Sooo unless you explicitly use -m or set MAKESYSPATH, we cannot say for
sure whether you will get /usr/share/mk/ or
$SRCTOP/share/mk/ when you run 'make' in a subdir, and the result
wrt to src.conf depends on using $SRCTOP/share/mk/

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