> On 04 Aug 2015, at 02:18, John-Mark Gurney <j...@funkthat.com> wrote:
> Sydney Meyer wrote this message on Mon, Aug 03, 2015 at 01:15 +0200:
>> the revision i built included gnn's patches to setkey already.
>> I have tried to setup a tunnel using strongswan with gcm as esp cipher mode, 
>> but the connection fails with "algorithm AES_GCM_16 not supported by 
>> kernel"..
> It looks like GCM isn't compiled by default by the port...  Try the
> attached patch to
> src/libhydra/plugings/kernel_pfkey/kernel_pfkey_ipsec.c...  it may
> require more modifications...

It works. I had/thought GCM ticked already as a option from "make config", but 
these 2 lines made it work.

> Someone else would be better to work on this...

Off course, at last, this isn't an issue with CURRENT. I'm going to take this 
to the port maintainer..

Thank you anyway, for your help and the great work.

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> <strongswan.patch>

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