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286702 by dim:
In ipfw2, avoid left-shifting negative integers, which is undefined.
While here, make some other arguments to htonl(3) unsigned too.

MFC after:      3 days

286701 by ian:
If a specific timecounter has been chosen via sysctl, and a new timecounter
with higher quality registers (presumably in a module that has just been
loaded), do not undo the user's choice by switching to the new timecounter.

Document that behavior, and also the fact that there is no way to unregister
a timecounter (and thus no way to unload a module containing one).

286700 by hiren:
Make LAG LACP fast timeout tunable through IOCTL.

Differential Revision:  D3300
Submitted by:           LN Sundararajan <lakshmi.n at msystechnologies>
Reviewed by:            wblock, smh, gnn, hiren, rpokala at panasas
MFC after:              2 weeks
Sponsored by:           Panasas

286699 by dim:
In gcc's libcpp, stop using the INTTYPE_MAXIMUM() macro, which relies on
undefined behavior.  The code used this macro to avoid problems on some
broken systems which define SSIZE_MAX incorrectly, but this is not
needed on FreeBSD, obviously.

MFC after: 3 days

286698 by oshogbo:
When the wait*(2) syscalls wait for any process (P_ALL), they should
ignore processes created with the pdfork(2) syscall.

PR:             201054
Approved by:    pjd (mentor)
Discussed with: emaste, rwatson

286696 by ian:
Remove all dregs of the old PPS driver from this code, in preparation for
redoing it as a separate driver.  Now that each hardware timer is handled by
a separate instance of the timer driver, it no longer makes sense to bundle
the pps driver with the regular timecounter code.  (When all 8 timers were
handled by one driver there was no choice about this.)

Split the hardware register definitions out to their own file, so that the
new pps driver (coming in a separate commit later) can share them.

With the PPS driver gone, the question of which hardware timer to use for
what purpose becomes much easier (some instances can't do the PPS capture).
Now we can just hardcore timer2 for eventtimer and timer3 for timecounter.

This also now only instantiates devices for the 2 hardware timers actually
used to implement eventtimer and timecounter.  This is required so that
other drivers can come along and attach to other hardware timers to provide
other functionality.  (In addition to PPS, this hardware can also do PWM
stuff, general pulse width and frequency measurements, etc.  Maybe some
day we'll have drivers for those things.)

286695 by imp:
Fix the fixing of the build I broke. rescue/rescue has the right
target, but rescue doesn't.

Pointy hat: imp@

286693 by ian:
Remove a bogus printf that whines every time loading a driver module
triggers a fresh round of probing.

286692 by ian:
Add a MODULE_VERSION(), because other things MODULE_DEPEND() on this.

286691 by delphij:
Fix build.

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