On 08/14/15 12:45, O. Hartmann wrote:
> Man page "ftpusers(5)" states, that an entry "username allow" will allow 
> access
> to ftpd. But every user listed in /etc/ftpusers is denied access, no matter
> whether there is "allow" appended to the entry or not! This is strange.
> Whenever I delete a user's name from that file I wish to have access to the
> ftpd service, that user can login - but addig the users even as "username
> allow" (no * in the file, nothing else but the initial users names) access is
> denied.

If you've got a ftpusers(5) that presumably comes from some ported
software -- doesn't exist in the base system.  There is pam_ftpusers(8)
in base, although that doesn't seem to be in use by default.

Traditionally 'ftpusers' was just a plain list of usernames or groups
(indicated by a leading '@' character).  According to ftpd(8) it lists
the people *not* allowed access via FTP.

However, other implementations of FTP servers have adopted the ftpusers
file and expanded its capabilities in various ways, by adding some
additional flag fields for each username.  It depends on what ftpd
you're using exactly what syntax is used there.  Properly ported
software should really be using /usr/local/etc/ftpusers though.



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