I found a reproducible way to crash CURRENT. I've done so on a Raspberry
Pi 2 running r286596 and an my x86_64 firewall running r286285.

Setup is simple. Enable a functional pkg repo that uses ssh like so:

myrepo: {
enabled: no

Now just do a pkg upgrade or install. So far the crashes have always
happened updating pkg itself; I haven't gotten past that part.

My firewall has a watchdog so it auto-reboots and I don't have console
or video on my Rpi2 at the moment so I can't tell where it's crashing
at. I haven't seen any dumps or core files. I got a glimpse of the crash
on the firewall once and I think I saw it spew out some LORs, but I'm
not certain. I'll try to get more data posted soon, but if someone is
feeling adventurous they can probably reproduce this in a matter of
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