Eines schoenen Tages schrieb Ted Sikora:
> Christian Weisgerber wrote:
> > 
> > On this machine which runs -CURRENT from two days ago or so, I'm
> > seeing frequent cvsup client failures of this type:
> > 
> > TreeList failed: Network write failure: Connection closed
> > 
> > I don't recall ever running into this before.
> > 
> Same here. Last night was okay. It started about 5 days ago. If you just
> start over it usually finishes okay. 

Same thing here, but much earlier. It seemed that TCP/IP ist (was?) broken
on my machine. Downgraded to -STABLE, machine worked fine, up to -STABLE of
last monday. I have the feeling, something in the delayed checksum
calculations broke TCP/IP.
unfortunalty i crashed the machine last night and still have recovery work
to do, so i have no idea, if the bugs have been gone since the last commit
of the vx driver.

Btw ... not just cvsup showed strange behavior. Everthing dealing with
TCP/IP seemed broken. 60% packet loss on ethernet is more than strange. But
it seemed nobody else ws having this problem ...

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