I used to build world and kernel on one machine and export both /usr/src/ and
/usr/obj read-only to other machines. It doesn't work anymore (this is from
'make installworld'):

===> bin/freebsd-version (install)
eval $(egrep '^(TYPE|REVISION|BRANCH)=' 
/usr/src/bin/freebsd-version/../../sys/conf/newvers.sh) ;  if ! sed -e " 
s/@@TYPE@@/${TYPE}/g;  s/@@REVISION@@/${REVISION}/g;  s/@@BRANCH@@/${BRANCH}/g; 
 " /usr/src/bin/freebsd-version/freebsd-version.sh.in >freebsd-version.sh ; 
then  rm -f freebsd-version.sh ;  exit 1 ;  fi
cannot create freebsd-version.sh: Permission denied
rm: freebsd-version.sh: Read-only file system
*** Error code 1

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