I just enjoyed the following video.


The talk itself is fun to listen to (in a nerdy way) but the final 3
minutes are, I think, the most important..
We need to look harder at bringing in features from people's various science
experiments.  On the other hand sometimes I think that some
things come in a little too quickly..
The cloud-os wprk could spend a little more time in a branch I think. I didn't see any consensus on bringing it in.. It's just coming in on its own.. (not that it's bad ,
just that I didn't see any discusssion).

We should certainly be looking at a closer connection with PCBSD (despite their change
to no longer use the original PBI concept).

We should certainly be looking at a closer connection with HardenedBSD,
and now I think we really should be looking at launchd and friends.

Do we have a standard path for ideas from these projects and DragonFly?

We should also do a better job of productising and incorporating GSOC work..

Maybe we should make the "ideas" page more mainline.  Where people can put
in a more standard way links to their pet projects and "offically" submit work for inclusion.
and then make it better known..

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