This is really not that important and in case it doesn't work or if there

is no solution for this, I'll live :)

I'm running FreeBSD 5.0-20000419-CURRENT on i386, and I'm using the ports

from whatever date I installed the system.  Linux emulation and all that

stuff works fine (I had a problem with real player which is fixed now). I

installed the macromedia flash plugin for Linux and I am also using the

Linux version of Communicator (with no problems by the way).

The flash plugin also seems to do its job, with one exception: there is no

sound.  I've made sure that there is no other application using the sound

device (/dev/dsp0?) and my sound works with other apps (like MP3), but

not when I try to view sound-enables flash sites.  The flash animations

and such work, just not the sound :(

Is there a way I can make it work (or is it even possible)?

Thanks for your time...

(PS please e-mail me in private, im not on the lists)

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