On 1 September 2015 at 15:01, John-Mark Gurney <j...@funkthat.com> wrote:
> But I would ask you to respect my maintainership of the code... Just
> because you get paid to work on FreeBSD full time does not mean you
> get to run roughshod over other people's work and force them to work
> on your time frame...  Other people have jobs, and families and
> responsiblities too...

A quick comment on this point, on behalf of the FreeBSD Foundation
(and not core): working for the Foundation as either permanent staff
or on a project grant conveys no special status with respect to making
changes in FreeBSD. Staff and project developers are expected to abide
by the same rules and social conventions when interacting with the
FreeBSD community.

That said, the discussion and diagnosis of this issue has been ongoing
for about ten days, and avg provided a detailed sequence of events
five days ago. In this case the patch fixed a panic that several
people were experiencing, was tested by several people who experienced
the panic, and received review. In my opinion r287366 was handled in a
fair and reasonable fashion.
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