FreeBSD_HEAD_i386 - Build #1094 - Fixed:

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287707 by mav:
CTL documentation update, mostly for HA.

287706 by delphij:
MFV r287699: 6214 zpools going south

In r286570 (MFV of r277426) an unprotected write to b_flags to
set the compression mode was introduced.  This would open a race
window where data is partially decompressed, modified, checksummed
and written to the pool, resulting in pool corruption due to the
partial decompression.

Prevent this by reintroducing b_compress


Illumos issues:

    6214 zpools going south

287705 by delphij:
Fix build (r287703).  Lesson learned: no matter how a change looks like an
innocent one, always do a build test first.

Pointy hat to:  delphij

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