When compiling a FreeBSD 11.0-CURRENT kernel, what is required to change the 
keymap used in single user mode?  I originally asked this question on the 
FreeBSD forums, but was bounced to the mailing list because CURRENT is an 
unsupported version.

I have read an old forum thread on this topic. I have also read the atkbd(4) 
and ukbd(4) man pages. The relevant parts of my kernel configuration are as 

# ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
include GENERIC

# AT Keyboard
device atkbdc
makeoptions ATKBD_DFLT_KEYMAP=jp.106
device atkbd

# USB Keyboard
device ukbd
makeoptions UKBD_DFLT_KEYMAP=jp.106

# everything else
# ...
# ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------

So far as I can tell, these options should be working. I am using a 106 key 
Japanese keyboard. Single user mode appears to use the keymap for a 101 key 
standard US layout. I have tried the following values:
- jp
- jp.106
- jp.106.kbd (not tried recently)

Finally, this is a FreeBSD VM running in VirtualBox on OSX. I am 99% sure I am 
having the same problem on my physical machines. The specific driver almost 
certainly depends on the hardware.

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