> > I think that you no longer have to include Motif with the JDK.
> > Just let the distribution of Motif come from freebsd.org , i.e.,
> > a port or a package.
>Too much hassle IMO.  I'd *much* rather distribute it as part of the
>package, and I'm looking into how feasible it would be to distribute
>inside of the JDK.

If this Open Motif can be distributed as a port or package for FreeBSD
itself (and it seems to me that it can), then what hassle is that for
JDK on FreeBSD?  My guess is the Open Motif port/package will exist on
FreeBSD anyway, for those who want motif but are not going to install
JDK.  At that point, it's just another package-dependency for the JDK
like any other package-dependency.  Certainly no one will want TWO
copies of Open Motif...

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