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> On 09/17/2015 09:48, Matthias Apitz wrote:
> > El día Thursday, September 17, 2015 a las 10:41:43PM +0900, Lundberg, 
> > Johannes
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> >> Same here. I would personally definitely buy new hardware from Intel if
> >> FreeBSD worked on it (not vesa...)
> >> ...
> > What dow you have against vesa? I run CURRENT on some Acer C720
> > Chromebooks with Haswell chipset in Vesa mode. And you will not note it.
> > I have never ever had such a fast desktop (KDE4) before. I can live fine
> > with Vesa until Haswell suport is there.
> >
> >     matthias
> BTW, have you tried the xf86-video-scfb driver? It works much better
> than vesa here. The only catch is you have to be booted UEFI with CSM
> disabled. Using it on my X1 Carbon, gets 3k resolution properly and
> everything. Thanks to Glen Barber for bringing that to my attention.

Running that specific driver on several Lenovo HD4600 driven models gives me 
and more. This software-framebuffer works - yes, on whatever resolution you 
might wish,
but it consumes CPU time. That said, I recall that the display was jumpy, slow 
unresponsive when used under heavy load - not even 3k resolution, but with a 
lowend of 1980x1080.

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