Nope, very wrong.

The real answer is this:

* FreeBSD cares about backwards compatibility support and supporting
older releases.

So the xorg team in freebsd has to do a few things:

* update the drm2 code in freebsd which required updating the linux
layer - dfbsd, openbsd skipped ahead by just doing this step first,
rather than trying to BSD-ify drm2;
* support freebsd stable branches (-10, and until recently -9 and -8 too..);
* have one set of packages that works on all of them.

The linux ecosystem here moves very quickly, and BSD volunteers are
stuck trying to provide free support for older releases. Me, I'm a
"screw it, just support -HEAD, let the -stable community sort it out"
but I'm luckily not in charge of that. :)

It's coming along. They're just trying to do it all without breaking
existing stable users - this deserves massive thanks on their part.

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