just chipping into the conversation for a detail Re: OpenCL

On Thu, Sep 17, 2015 at 1:21 PM, Shawn Webb <shawn.w...@hardenedbsd.org> wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 17, 2015 at 07:00:15PM +0200, Jean-S??bastien P??dron wrote:
>> Now about other related tasks:
>>     o  A Mesa update will be committed Real Soon Now?. It will unlock
>>        GLAMOR and OpenCL support.
> OpenCL on FreeBSD would be stupendously amazing!
Not would: is! :-) You can already use OpenCL on radeon and Intel GPUs
(note, only single-precision for Intel, this is an upstream issue) or
on CPU as fallback when using the mesa-next branch from the
freebsd-graphics github. This does not require an update of the kernel
compared to CURRENT (of course only supported GPUs work). There are
some helper ports in the github as well (libraries, e.g.) if you write
your own OpenCL software and I have a few more in my pipeline. I
personally have an interest in excellent OpenCL support on FBSD.

Getting back to building the i915 update.

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