El día Thursday, September 17, 2015 a las 11:23:06AM -0700, Russell L. Carter 

> Do you have 802.11n and hibernate working on that c720?  I put linux on
> mine for that reason.  Although despite immense efforts I can't get
> the trackpad to be detected.  I tried bringing up 10.2 on it but
> couldn't get it to boot. 

You must run a ver y recent -HEAD; Wifi is fine, but most of the time I
use some Ubuntu phone attached to USB tethered as router to mobile
Internet (as right now). hibernate is not working, AFAIK, without
Haswell support; the touchpad works too; you must learn to use it
because it has not any button and so you must know where to tic to get
left or right button :-)

> These things are just awesome.  4G memory
> + i3 + 6hr battery for $240 delivered.

exactly; since I own the C720, I do not think anymore in where is the next power
outlet :-)

and it is fast, very fast, perhaps due to the SSD;

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