Stefan Wendler <> writes:

> On Thursday 17 September 2015 17:43:02 Nikola Pajkovsky wrote:
>> Use memcontrol to set mtrr write-combine for your Vesa. Vesa is lightning
>> fast on T440p on 1920x1200.
> I use a T540 and didn't get this to work yet. Can you give me the commands 
> you've used? I guess we have the same chips anyway. So the hex-values should 
> be the same?

Do not run those commands in X, otherwise it hangs.

$ vidcontrol -i mode | grep 1920
383 (0x17f) 0x0000000f G 1920x1080x32 D  8x16  0xa0000 64k 64k 0xe0000000 8100k

$ memcontrol list | grep 0xe0000000
0xe0000000/0x20000000 BIOS uncacheable set-by-firmware active

$ memcontrol set -b 0xe0000000 -l 0x20000000 -o BIOS write-combine
$ startx

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