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288064 by avg:
MFV r287817: 6220 memleak in l2arc on debug build
  5408 introduced a memleak in l2arc, namely the member b_thawed gets leaked 
  an arc_hdr is realloced from full to l2only.

Reviewed by: Saso Kiselkov <>
Reviewed by: Simon Klinkert <>
Reviewed by: George Wilson <>
Approved by: Robert Mustacchi <>
Author: Arne Jansen <>

288062 by melifaro:
Unify nd6 state switching by using newly-created nd6_llinfo_setstate()
  function. The change is mostly mechanical with the following exception:
Last piece of nd6_resolve_slow() was refactored: ND6_LLINFO_PERMANENT
  condition was removed as always-true, explicit ND6_LLINFO_NOSTATE ->
  ND6_LLINFO_INCOMPLETE state transition was removed as duplicate.

Reviewed by:    ae
Sponsored by:   Yandex LLC

288061 by mav:
Make cltd ignore HA ports.

288060 by melifaro:
Add "stale" timer back to nd6_cache_lladdr().
Setting timer was accidentally removed in r276844 due to misleading
  comment on its meaningless. Add it back to restore proper behaviour.

288059 by mav:
Bunch of improvements to ctlstat.

Add -p option to allow filtering by ports.
Make -l and -p options work in all modes as filters.
Improve output formatting to better fit columns.

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