On 17.09.2015 21:22, O. Hartmann wrote:
>> Why does it take so much time to update? Once Konstantin committed his
>> i915 update, I was busy with non-FreeBSD activities until last July,
>> when I slowly started back to work on i915. My goal is to reduce the
>> diff with Linux as much as possible. But, as opposed to OpenBSD and
>> DragonFlyBSD, we do not use a Linux compatibility layer which would
>> dramatically ease our life.
> My concerns are speed and performance. Isn't any kind of layer consuming 
> performance -
> sometimes worse, sometimes negligible. But anyway, HPC isn't a FreeBSD 
> domain, so ...

Like Nikola said, the layer shouldn't have any performance impact. Most
of the functions are either macros wrapping the FreeBSD native functions
or new implementations (for instance, linux/idr.h).

> The spoken of facilities are "generic" or are they Linux-unique and have to 
> be adopted
> for FreeBSD?

Those facilities are generic tools.

Jean-Sébastien Pédron

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